Sunday, October 5, 2008


Book got me thinking and feeling so deep...
Apart from all the communications & presentation theories that were taught & learnt over that 3 days, I've picked the most valuable lessons on relationships between myself & others. It's pretty eye-opening in a good sense, at the most perfect timing.
Bonus for me, I purchased "Stella's Mum Gets Her Groove Back" book and it was despite that I was done with it in only 2 days after I started on the book. I related to it so much, the book got me thinking and feeling so deep. Felt like hugging Elisabetta! :-)
To say the least, I'm not having an easy-going relationship with my own parents. Not to the extent of physical abuse though... Much as i hate to admit this, but I've come to realize that up till last week, I took pride in knowing that I don't want to be like my parents, don't want to have a relationship like theirs, and don't want to raise my children (someday) like how they did. What a burden, that feeling was!
After what we've gone through in the workshop about identifying our differences, respective strengths & weaknesses, I now can take pride in knowing that my parents are (and will always be) the best teachers of life for me despite their short-comings in my eyes. I've learnt so much. So much that I don't know how to put into words - I just know that I am now not as ignorant as I used to be.
Nurul Huda, NUS-Extension participant, Being A Powerful Communicator workshop, Singapore (April 2009)

Moved by your book!
Dear Elisabetta, I was deeply moved by your book. I could not put it down and it awakened my need to set certain things right in my own life, and especially change my behavior towards one of my daughters.
Thanks so much!
Natalia Olynec, Mother & Homemaker, Expatriate Living in Singapore - Singapore (April 20

A rare book born out of love and courage
rare book born out of love and courage destined to inspire and empower.
To be read slowly at least twice because there are so many things to be learnt from it.
Karen Yap, Librarian, National University of Singapore – Singapore (December 2008)

So frank, honest and powerful!
Stellas Mum Gets Her Groove Back is just so frank, honest, powerful and often painful but also full of hope and the positive, loving energy Elisabetta gives. There are a lot of resources for people to go to as well as many examples and areas that others can identify with and work through. I found the questions at the end of each Chapter really useful, helping me to relate and have the time to reflect and thus work on my own issues.
Elisabetta's passion for motivating people towards change is something I really admire. It is a book I will definitely have to re-read as it holds a lot of information to learn from and is very readable, sensitive, passionate and inspiring. It is a fabulous resource and educational tool, not only to those that have experienced some kind of abuse but for self awareness too. It is also a great inspirational read for anyone about a passionate women's journey and her will to succeed for herself, her family and others.
Karen Taylor, Mother and Wife from UK based in Singapore, Singapore (November 2008)

Inspirational and Motivating!

Stella's Mum Gets Her Groove Back a very honest and moving story. It mirrors some of the struggles we all come across in life and the beauty is that through Elisabetta's healing journey she equips herself with powerful self help tools and shares them with the reader. It is our choice what we do with these tools. This book is inspirational and motivating. It is certainly worth a second and third read!
Fiona Maher, Teacher and Trained Counselor from Ireland based in Singapore, Singapore (November 2008)

Courageous and Inspiring!
A courageous and inspiring account of transformation! By sharing her story Elisabetta provides the motivational message to others that change is possible. The book gave me an amazing framework for working through issues and guided me through my life change process. Each chapter is thought provoking and inspirational and helps us to remove our mask and be true to ourselves. A book to read and re-read!!
Sara Bell, an Entrepreneur and Mum, Australia (November 2008)

A Positive Impact!
Stella's Mum Gets Her Groove Back is a source of comfort and assurance to those who want to heal emotionally and feel liberated from their past. Her inspiring story is the driving force for me-and I'm sure many others who have read her book - to transform my life in a positive way. Thank you for sharing your story to the world.
Thank you once again, Elisabetta, for the positive impact you have in me.
Safiah Sulaiman, Student La Salle, Singapore (October 2008)

Thanks. I need another copy of your book. Gave mine to my mother! Book is great! Makes me cry J
Alix, Manager in a Singapore-based bank (October 2008)

A Fantastic Read!!
This is not just any other story; it is one which tells a painful past of the author and how she walked out of it triumphantly. Elisabetta shared how she managed to shed off the mask - ironically it was a mask that seemingly shield her from all the pains of this world which turns out to be the same mask that leaves her nothing but countless scars - she put on and demonstrated that everyone has the power to change their lives.
I benefitted much from Elisabetta’s recovering experiences – how she uses awareness and empowerment to change her life. It taught me to love the people around me and most importantly to love myself and giving myself a chance to live the life I’ve always wanted to live. A life that is free from carrying excess emotional baggage from the past and for other people. A fantastic read!!
Emily Tan Loke Cham, Communication Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore (September 2008)

I found truly amazing...
I just wanted you to know that I have finished your book which I found truly amazing in its frankness, openness, sensitivity, passion, mind and heart opening ways of dealing with these important issues!!
I will take the book to Lebanon and have my sister read it. It would be great if you could come to Lebanon and have a book signing there and look at our project for abused women!
Again thank you for this opportunity to read your fantastic book!
Evelyne Accad, Professeur Emerite, University of Illinois, Lebanese American University, Illinois, U.S.A

Elisabetta is a woman with tremendous will to grow. The book is a testimony of that will and growth. It takes a brave person to completely share their pain without reservation. I salute the book and the author for the attempt to help those who may have had similar experiences, however, unable to vocalize.
Danialle An, Entrepreneur, Delhi, India (September 20th 2008)

Courage to change.
This is indeed a true story that touches the depth of your soul.
Elisabetta has the courage to expose herself as an abused child, an hostile woman, an abusive mother and a controlling wife. She is also able to show all the steps she took to become the wonderful, powerful, brighting and successful woman, mother and wife she is today.
By reading the book I become aware about the actions I was unconsciously doing and compulsively repeating, setting myself up for situations of struggle and for unhealthy relationships. I realized I couldn't continue to hide myself behind the mask any longer.
I had to take actions and I had to change. Stella's Mum book helped me to take responsibility and move forward in my life.
Gloria Adduci, Singapore (August, 2008)

Breaking the chain of the past.
I found this book to truly courageous about the author's own journey of healing and spiritual growth. Elisabetta's experience that when we fail to deal with our past, we are destined to create, even unconsciously, the same pain and dysfunction with our children, is a powerful one. Yet, this book contains within it the most powerful message of all: that we can overcome our past and create a different legacy for our children. As the mom of a 5-day old baby, I can honestly say, this would be the greatest of all my life's accomplishments.
Elaine Shields, Mother and Wife, London - UK (August, 2008)

A great read!
In Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back, author Elisabetta Franzoso – a successful workshop leader, coach and trainer based in Singapore = reveals how she successfully broke the cycle of abuse, denial and emotional addiction prevalent in her family for generations. A great read for those desperate not to repeat history – but unsure of how to initiate lasting change – this inspirational and confronting real-life account is a testimony of how love, faith and hope can triumph over denial, guilt and shame. By changing herself from the inside out, follow Elisabetta as she transforms her life into one of love and self-awareness, resurrecting her marriage and altering her daughter’s destiny along the way.
Michelle Jones-White, Managing Editor, The Finder Singapore & Malaysia ACP Magazines Pte. Ltd. (August, 2008)

I have started but not finished reading your well-written book but am already touched by your openness to share so personally so that others can benefit and learn from what you have gone through.
I will be using you as an example when I teach Habit 1 (Be Proactive) of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Program, that you are a Transition Person i.e. a highly proactive person who stops the transmission of negative behavior and replaces it with positive behavior, and that is exactly what you are doing and you are helping others do that as well!
Thank you for your beautiful work.
Irene, HR Leader NUS Campus, Singapore (August, 2008)

In “Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back” we see an account of human freedom that is indeed true and real. Elisabetta Franzoso presents us with the internal power to exercise our options, a thing that makes us who we are and which no challenges of life could possibly annihilate. A systematic exposition of the influence of the mind on identity and sincere guide to those who would like to recapture authentic inner identity by looking as an observer at their involvements in life and choosing between stimulus and response. This story presents identity as something that must necessarily be confronted and which must truly be presented to others who would boldly dissociate themselves from whatever pain, trauma, mystery, or any past histories that may constantly stand in their wheel of progress, setting before them perpetual limitations. This book encourages everyone to choose to respond to any environmental conditioning and seeks to create from time to time an identity that is truly fulfilling. Each step, Elisabetta advices, should proceed from mature independence and gradually grow into an integral and holistic interdependence.
Dr. Raphael Funwa Iluyomade (Ph.D Philosophy), Singapore (August, 2008)

This is a very inspiring book that has influenced me profoundly. It teaches us self-realization, empowering beliefs, take full responsibility for all the results (good and bad) we are experiencing in our lives and get in control and do whatever it takes to create our own destiny. The cycle of success, is by first believing in ourselves! Learn from our mistakes as they are the best teachers. Take charge of our emotional states, use positive words that empower us to motivate ourselves to act and produce good results. So, let us start designing the kind of life that we want and produce exceptional results - start to plant the seeds for an abundant harvest.
Kendy Koh, Executive Secretary, ABN AMRO Bank NV, Singapore (August, 2008)

After reading Elisabetta’s Book – Stella Gets Her Groove Back - for the second time, I am again incredibly impressed with Elisabetta’s compassion, wisdom and intelligence to herself and therefore all others around her.
I professionally now give Elisabetta’s book to women and men who come to my private practice and/or who participate in my program Transformed Self as a motivation toward healing past trauma and hurts and letting them go thereby continuing to heal all around them TODAY in the here and NOW and empowering people toward beautiful futures.
Elisabetta’s sheer enthusiasm and commitment toward her healing and therefore her families healing is nothing less than extraordinary.
I believe this book is wonderful in explaining how a person can find inner happiness and peace and continue to have a damn good time in life.
Thank You Elisabetta and Thank You to your wonderful family and friends who have supported you and continue to do so. With Deep Respect.
Loreen Visser, CEO Founder, Transformed Self P/L – Melbourne, Australia
Senior Supervising Teacher of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process – Britain (July, 2008)

I have been filled with admiration as I have followed Elisabetta's journey and observed her determination to resolve her childhood issues. Her honesty as she faced and resolved old hurts and pains is inspiring. By taking this journey she has not only freed herself but freed her husband and daughter to do the same.
Her honesty, passion, love and capacity for joy shines through the pages of this book.
She encourages readers to face their own demons and take control of their lives as she has.
Gill Spensley Nikakis, Psychiatrist Counsellor and Nurse, Melbourne – Australia (July, 2008)

Stella’s Mum is not just a personal story of one woman’s dysfunctional family and the cycle of emotional and sexual abuse, it’s a message of hope and empowerment. It’s about the ability to transform ourselves no matter what the circumstances are. Stop being a victim, stop being a bystander, stop being an abuser. Do something for yourself because you owe your self all the love and what is good in this world. Read the book and change your life.
Esther Ng, former co-host and producer of The Living Room at 98.3 Mediacorp Radio
and now ‘TODAY’ reporter – Singapore (July, 2008)

Elisabetta inspires everyone, everywhere to raise the awareness of abuse and provides the sources to overcome the polarising effects adult survivors have from childhood abuse. In my work, I see how physical, emotional and sexual abuse affects pregnancy and labour. This book is a testimonial to our abilities to recover our authentic selves.
Di Bustamante, Consulting Hypnotist, Childbirth Educator & Doula, Singapore
Owner and Executive Director, ParentLink, Singapore (July, 2008)

I read your book on my recent trip to USA. I found it engaging from start to finish. You have masterfully blended a childlike innocence of full disclosure with a didactic inclusion of technical psychology. This combination makes the reader feel informed, but more importantly, engaged to a point which I find rare in modern literature. You have, by your disclosures, engaged both the mind and the heart of the reader. I was impressed with your openness because it laid aside pride and pretense. I appreciated your passion because it revealed how you experienced life’s pain yet found the redemptive moments of joy which come from growing through challenging times.
Rev. Barron Witherspoon – International Baptist Church
Business Leader – Procter & Gamble (USA) (1st July, 2008)

A woman's spiritual journey which led her to confront the past, take responsibility for her life and through forgiveness, is able to unfold into the woman God created her to be."
Jessica Goh – Mother – Kuala Lumpur (July, 2008)

I really enjoyed it. Thank you for being so open, honest and for having such immense courage – to not only share your story and what you have learned, but also in being brave to realise the situation you were in and take steps to break the cycle of abuse, showing others it can be done. Personally, I’ve often wondered if I will turn out “like my mum” and I believe it is something which in a subconscious way has held me back from having children. In reading your story I know now it’s up to each and every one of us to be true to ourselves and not be chained to our past experiences, when we know that is not how we wish to be or live our lives. So from me a personal thank you and I’m sure many readers of The Finder will feel the same way after they’ve read your book – which in itself is such a huge achievement, congratulations! Writing and publishing it must have been such hard work, even the further reading lists at the back were so detailed and must have taken so much effort. I’ll be publishing the review in the August issue.
Michelle Jones-White, Managing Editor, The Finder Singapore & Malaysia ACP Magazines Pte. Ltd. (July, 2008)

I have read Elisabetta’s gorgeous book in one day (a rare occurrence with two small children I must say!) Thank you for the gift of insight it has brought ....and also the perfect thing to pass on to my sister that I see can see no way out of her pain right now and have been wondering how I can assist.
Fiona Williams, Victoria - Australia (June, 2008)

A truly courageous and deeply personal book about Elisabetta's journey of healing and spiritual growth. This is a book with a powerful message - that we can overcome our past and create a different legacy for our children.
Elaine Shields, Mother and Wife, London - UK (June, 2008)

Read this account as a therapist and find your clients' hearts and souls depicted in the recorded accounts. Read as a survivor and be gently led to discover your personhood as you are surrounded and secured by the hope of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In an inductive manner Elisabetta powerfully communicates and encourages the reader to travel and experience through the modality of object relations therapy while being enveloped and reconfirmed by amazing hope. The affect on the reader can systematically unlock the chains of an abused past and liberate one to become established in the fullness of His personal and tender image.
Dr. Ben Brown, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church - Singapore (June, 2008)

I have been reading your book and I think the beauty of it is how you inter-wine the theory and practice with your personal experience. I also like the quotes of the experts that put things in context….At the end it shows a lot of courage to put this in a book and share it with the globe… certainly through this we will be making the world a better place!
Antonio Faillace, AuthorsGlobe, Boston – USA (June, 2008)