Monday, June 30, 2008


Chapter 2 & 3 of the book mentioned about the MASK, 

Are women especially Asian women, prone to the problem of "living behind a mask" , or hiding feelings? Do they tend to feel more guilty about having their own needs? 

Asian women are under great pressure to be the perfect gentle wife/daughter-in-law/mother - how does this affect them?

How can Asian women overcome this and live more full, happy lives (and is this possible without annoying everyone around them?).

What's your views?


Anonymous said...

Very true.... we lady got to be a Daugther, Wife, Mother, Daugther-in-Law and sooo on.....its never ending, but a privilage to be one.....

From: test - Ida

Anonymous said...

For the men's point of view, we too got to be a Son. Husband, Father, Son-In-Law and so forth... our lives are always face with Challenge. reading the book inspire me to do something better with my life and with people that I love....